“We glory in what unites us and in what makes us special.”




Welcome to the pages for the church of St Mary the Virgin in Buxted, East Sussex. Its congregation is drawn to its strong Anglo-Catholic style of worship, and we are especially proud of our links with Walsingham.”


The church is situated in the centre of Buxted, in Church Road. There is parking for visitors.

Daily offices

Monday to Thursday.


Welcome every day.

Deputy Church wardens

Norman Longley, Iain Lindsay and Dr David Munday.

Private prayer

Open every day.

Church Hall Enquiries

St Mary’s Hall Manager, Homer Cox, 01825 732321. Or Email by clicking the heading above. For more information regarding hiring the Church Hall Please CLICK HERE.


Style of worship

Traditional Anglo Catholic.

Opening times

Mon – Sat 8.30am to dusk (weather dependent). Sun 10.30am to the end of Mass.


11:15 am Sung Mass on all Sundays.
Please note, this may change on the 5th Sunday if there is a United Parish Eucharist.
Incense is used.
All are welcome.

Walsingham cell

Meets 10.30 am on the second Wednesday of each month for a Mass of the Holy House.

We are especially proud of our links with Walsingham, please visit The Walsingham Chapel link, in the News section below to read about visiting St Mary’s and the Walsingham Chapel.



St. Mary’s news, events, history, announcements & information

Here you will find information about the activities that are hosted at St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s Church Hall and The Walsingham Chapel. 

Please use the categories to filter the stories you want to read.


January News from Saint Mary’s.

We have a vaccine!  Rejoice and be merry – but not just yet!  Christmas came and we celebrated the best we could under the circumstances.  The year 2020 has gone, and will probably go down in history as a year we would wish to forget, even though it will be remembered...

Elizabeth Winifred Burditt 11th July 1921 – 8th December 2020

Just before Christmas we lost two stalwarts of S. Mary’s.  The following is my tribute to Elizabeth Burditt.  Next month I will produce a tribute to Norman Longley. Elizabeth Winifred Burditt 11th July 1921 – 8th December 2020 Elizabeth’s early life was marred with...

Colours in Church

NEWS FROM S. MARY’S As an interior designer I have often been told that I am obsessed with colour.  Although I would not consider myself a ‘fashionista’ I make no apology for liking colour.  In fact, I believe we should be brave and creative with colour, not just when...

Contribution from St Mary the Virgin to the Buxted Messenger – October 2020 Edition

As we enter the final months of the year, the natural world around us is beginning to prepare for winter. Many people find the turn from warm summer days, the swell of gardens filled with blooms and heavy green leaf laden trees into Autumn challenging because it...

NEWS FROM ST MARY’S – September 2020

NEWS FROM ST MARY’S – September 2020 The St Mary’s site is sometimes referred to as the ‘parish campus’ as we have not only the church, but also The Rectory, the Church Hall and more recently, the Community Garden in the top field.  All of these require administration...

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