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Easter 2020:

“During these uncertain times we will be using this page to provide a source of comfort and information during these uncertain times.  Whilst our church buildings may be locked, your Church is still very much open.  This page seeks to provide a range of resources and information to allow you to pray, reflect and worship at home, as well as match those who need help with those who can provide it.”

Holy Week from Chichester

The Dean and Chapter have facilitated a programme of services for Holy Week as shown below.

They will be streamed on the diocesan and cathedral websites.

Chichester Anglican

Chichester Cathedral

Palm Sunday, April 5

10:30 am The Eucharist

Monday of Holy Week, April 6

7:30pm Compline and Address (audio only), led by the Chancellor, Dan Inman

Tuesday of Holy Week, April 7

7:30pm Compline and Address (audio only), led by the Dean, Stephen Waine

Wednesday of Holy Week, April 8

7:30pm Compline and Address (audio only), led by the Precentor, Tim Schofield

Maundy Thursday, April 9

12 noon Renewal of Ordination Promises

7:30pm The Eucharist

Good Friday, April 10

3:00pm The Liturgy for Good Friday

Easter Day, April 12

10:30am The Eucharist and renewal of Baptism promises

Pastoral support:

“If you would like to talk to someone about your faith, then Fr David Milnes has offered to be the main contact, during our ongoing interregnum.  His telephone number is 01825 830076, or email

Please also think about others, who may not have access to this website, and pass on Fr David’s details. Our visiting team is also available to talk to you and provide support.  This is led by Julia Osborne and she can be contacted via one of the Churchwardens

Again, please think of anyone else in our two villages and surrounding communities who may need help. Services at home :These can be seen below, we have added short and long versions .

Maundy Thursday – short version

MAUNDY THURSDAY (9th April) Maundy comes from the Latin ‘mandatum novum’ - ‘new commandment’. John 13v.34.  Today the Church commemorates the institution of the Eucharist, ‘the day before he suffered’.  During the supper our Lord gave us a lesson in love which was...

Good Friday – short version

GOOD FRIDAY (10th April) Today the Church stands before the cross of Christ.  The significant part of the day is silence. Almighty Father, look with mercy on your family for which Our Lord Jesus Christ was content to be betrayed and given up into the hands of sinners...

Easter Sunday – short version

EASTER SUNDAY (12th April) We rejoice in the new life with God our Father has given us through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.  We carry the joy of this feast into the lives of those who seek meaning, hope and encouragement. If practical, an unlit...

Maundy Thursday

Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down The Gathering Opening Hymn Christ triumphant ever-reigning, Saviour, Master, King, Lord of heav’n, our lives sustaining, Hear us as we sing Refrain: Yours the glory and the crown, The high renown, the eternal name. Word incarnate,...

Good Friday

Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down The Liturgy of the Word The Collect: Almighty Father, look with mercy on this your family for which our Lord Jesus Christ was content to be betrayed and given up into the hands of sinners and to suffer death upon the cross; who is...

Memories of Easter:

“This is where we would welcome your contributions.  Please send to the churchwardens something that you would wish to share about Easter.  It could be :

• Memories of Easter in the past
• Reflections on Lent
• Favourite readings (either from the Bible or elsewhere)
• Prayers that mean something to you
• Pictures that tell a story
• Well – just about anything that you think will help others

Please send these to the Churchwardens We will look to get them uploaded.

Handel’s Messiah at Easter…

One of my Easter rituals is to find time to myself and listen to Handel’s Messiah.  I was given a recording as a confirmation present by one of my godfathers (the set of LPs – remember them? – was a recording by the choir from Kings College Cambridge, conducted by...

A short refection for Holy Week

This must be the first time in two thousand years of the Church’s history that the faithful throughout the world have not been able to gather to commemorate the sacred events of Holy Week and Easter.  In prayer, however, we can stand before the cross of Christ,...

Weekly update:

“A weekly update / short newsletter will be produced and a latest copy attached here.  Do please send anything that you think would be useful for people to know.  In particular people that we should pray for; individually or collectively, or links to local organisations that are providing valuable help and support”

Support for our parishioners

There are many ways that practical support is available.  A good starting point is Wealden District Council : or East Sussex County Council :...

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