Message from the Rector

Good Morning,

You will find below a link to our parish YouTube channel. I hope you will find the sound better this week as I am properly mic’d.  As you will see we have added several recordings of sacred music this week performed by members of our parish. The plan is to regularly post these music videos, some teaching and devotion videos as well as other clips of interest. As we don’t want to flood your emails each day, let me suggest two ways to be notified when the videos are posted.

  • The first is to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on the small bell indicating that you would like to receive an email each time a new video is posted. Similarly you can simply bookmark the page and check it when you are online doing other things.
  • Second, if you are on Facebook, you can join our Facebook page where the links will be posted each time there is a new video.

If you have trouble with these please let me know and I can help you with this, and I am sure we can sort something out.

In today’s video we use the Prayer for the Nation booklet that was sent out last week. You may wish to have that at hand and so you will find it attached to this email as well. Additionally, I have printed copies of it and have left it in each of the churches. If you are unable to get out, please give me a call and I would be happy to drop one off.

God Bless,

PftN Booklet spreads

A new Reverend is appointed

“The Reverend Pete Molloy has been appointed Rector of Buxted and Hadlow Down.  Pete comes to us from Canada, where he has served in parishes in Saskatchewan and Ontario.  He has now been granted the necessary visa to undertake this role, though his post is subject to legal formalities.  We look forward to welcoming him, his wife Ann and son Simeon.  The date of his institution and induction will be finalised in the near future.”

Calvary figures get attention this Easter

Calvary figures get attention this Easter

Easter in Buxted and Hadlow Down was, like the rest of the country, more about time at home with virtual prayer and worship.  However the three churches used their churchyards to make simple statements about Easter.  At St Mary’s the Calvary figures garden area were tidied up and shone in the sunshine.  St Mark’s had a small Easter garden beside the church, with the stone rolled away from the tomb.  St Margaret’s had the bare cross, made from last year’s Christmas tree, with the simple message attached.

COVID 19 and S. Mary’s, Buxted

For the first time in over 2000 years public worship throughout the country has been suspended and we are also denied the opportunity to use our churches for personal prayer.  In short – all churches are now closed.

Although we are living in uncertain times it is important that the Church is seen to be a beacon of hope, and with God’s help we will come through this terrible time a stronger and more compassionate people.

Easter and St. George’s Day are not far off and in common with a number of other churches in England, S. Mary’s will raise the St. George’s flag two weeks early on Lent 5 (29th March); thus signalling to the people of the parish that they are not forgotten and that the Church continues to be alive and active.

Colin Woolgrove.

News from St Mary’s – April 2020

A full programme of Easter worship will again be held at St Mary’s this year, with details on our Worship Calendar page.

Once again we will be celebrating the First Mass of Easter. This is a Vigil Mass held after nightfall on Holy Saturday, or sometimes before dawn on Easter Sunday. This dramatic and inspiring service, with its imagery of light emerging from darkness, was in abeyance in the parish for a number of years before being revived at St Mary’s three years ago. So we are once again united with Christian churches across the world in proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus. At St Mary’s we do this as night falls on Holy Saturday.

During the Gloria at the Mass, the organ and church bells are used in the liturgy for the first time in two days. A blaze of light fills the church as the lights are restored, accompanied by the exultant ringing of bells. The Paschal candle is used to bless the baptismal font before it is used in the celebration of the sacrament. The Great Alleluia is sung before the Gospel is read, Alleluia being used for the first time since before Lent.

Our Easter Vigil Mass will be held on Holy Saturday, 11th April and we will be gathering around the brazier in the front churchyard at 7.30pm. This year we are going to be joined by some of the congregation from St John’s Church, Crowborough, and we look forward to welcoming them to Buxted.

Moving the focus a few yards to the left across the car park, developments in the use of the Church Hall continue to be encouraging. The group for people with dementia and their carers is meeting regularly on a Tuesday morning, and they are finding the venue more than suitable. We also have a weekday children’s dance class starting after Easter, run by Universal Dance. A free taster session is on offer (see their advert elsewhere in this edition for details).

We are also looking at how the improve the hall garden area. The storage hut and sandpit have now gone, which leaves a space which could be developed as an outside seating area. The first task though is to re-seed the lawn, which will be done after the Open Day & Craft Fair in May. More about that next month.

Keith Revoir

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